You’re standing on the pitching mound of a sold out major league baseball game.  They’ve given you five minutes to tell the entire stadium about your business. What would you say?  Do you think you could sell something to just one of those fans?  How about A LOT of those fans?  Do you think it could grow your business?

If you’re answer is yes, then keep reading.  My guess is you have an amazing message, product, or service the people need to know about.  It doesn’t matter if your company has created the newest iPhone App or you sell plumbing, someone out there NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT YOU.    What would you tell people? How could you influence them if you had the right platform to do so?  Sixty second radio commercials, thirty second television commercials, a big billboard with your phone number on it,  or your company blog that a few people read? None of these options give you the time you need to get your story told. Stories SELL.  People want to buy from people they know.  I know what you’re thinking, “I haven’t exactly been invited by my MLB team to speak in the middle of the field about my business.”  Perhaps not.  But what if you could have five minutes on your local morning show to speak in front of the same amount of people as a packed stadium? What if you could tell your story to thousands and get new customers? What IF just five minutes a month on a morning show could completely change your business?

Television interviews for business owners are available in your town, you just have to know where to look.  These select television stations offer business owners an opportunity to have monthly, bi-weekly or weekly television interviews on major broadcast stations. You have spent time and money developing a company you can be proud of. But wouldn’t it be great if people got to know the person BEHIND the brand? No one knows your business like YOU DO. You are uniquely you and that is why you are better than your competition. It’s time to cash in on YOU. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to get an interview on your local morning show, go here for more info. 


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