Television interviews can be a FANTASTIC way to grow your personal brand AND increase revenue.  However, many people make these five common mistakes when appearing on television. When these mistakes are made, a once perfect opportunity turns into a complete miss at converting viewers into customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the most amazing new invention, or you’re selling toilets; if you avoid these five mistakes in your next interview, it will be a great success!

The first mistake people make is not having any visuals in their interview.  Graphics, props, before and after photos, and video all make for excellent television. If not, you’re simply a “talking head” and viewers are more likely to turn the channel.  Television affords you the opportunity to truly take advantage of seeing and hearing all about your message.  If you can bring items on set with you, or provide photos of what you’re talking about, the viewer will get a great picture of what you’re discussing.  Before and after photos can show off your work in a way that is very persuasive to the viewer.  In addition, with photos and video, you can take viewers inside your office or ease their fears of a procedure by showing it on screen. Visuals are the key to enhancing an interview.

Lights, camera, SMILE! Yes, if you can believe it, many people do not smile during their interviews. By smiling, you will look confident and comfortable. You want to come across as a friendly person that people want to do business with. Even if you’re a shark of an attorney, it’s important people get to know the real you.   Look at the hosts while you’re talking. Ignore the cameras and pretend you’re in a living room talking to a friend.  Always be aware of your posture and keep your shoulders relaxed.

Remember the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)?  It’s incredibly important to NOT over complicate your message.  Even if you are discussing a very intense surgery or case study, break it down Barney style so anyone can understand.  Be informative, expressive and easy to comprehend.  This means being really prepared so you can communicate your message in a way that everyone can understand and can relay to their friends. If you’re in sales, speak as if you’re talking to a customer. Keep it simple and your customers will get it.

Another huge mistake people make when appearing on television is wearing the wrong clothing. You want the viewers to remember your message and not your outfit.  In order to accomplish this perfect balance, make sure you don’t wear any patterns that are too busy, skirts too short, or socks that aren’t long enough to cover your calf when you cross your legs.  Wear what you would normally wear to work.  If that’s a polo and khakis, go for it. Pick an outfit that is comfortable when sitting. Avoid white as it tends to wash out on camera. Solid, mild, pastel colors look great.

Lastly, and by far the most important mistake you can make, is not having a call to action. Let’s be clear here, people are watching television when they see you.  They are also more than likely getting ready for the day, checking their iPhone, working or making dinner, all at the same time.  You need to be very clear what you want them to do. Do you want them to call today? Do you want them to visit your site? Are you having an event they need to sign up for today? Always be driving them to do something NOW.  The call to action means it should be actionable right away. Even if a customer doesn’t need your services today, what can you offer them NOW to make them a potential customer further on?  Do you have a free report you can provide them for signing up to receive your emails?  If not, make one! You want to take every opportunity possible to convert viewers into customers. That may mean providing an irresistible offer or letting them know about an upcoming promotion.  You don’t have to give away the farm in an interview, but you do need to have a call to action that makes the viewer connect with your company immediately.

Now you know the five biggest mistakes people make when appearing on television.  Do the opposite, and you’ll be on your way to expert status in your city in no time!  If you’re interested in appearing on television, check this out. 

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